Every country has own tax regulations. Even inside of European Union there are a lot of differences in tax rules. Using these differences in tax regulations we help you to significantly reduce tax liability.

We offer you an optimal way for corporate and personal tax reduction through:

  • International company formation
  • Trusts
  • Foundations
  • Banks

Our services help you to make advanced:

  • Asset management
  • Corporate fund raising
  • Foreign property ownership
  • Cross-border business
  • Ship, yacht, aircraft and cars registration
  • Trademark and intellectual property registration and protection
  • Key person assurance
  • Pension & provident schemes
  • Employee benefit schemes
  • Regular savings
  • Education fees planning
  • Life & lifestyle insurance
  • International medical insurance
  • Pilot insurance
  • Property financing
  • Currency exchange
  • Home, motor, boat and specialist insurance