Baron De Eze company offers you services for Offshore company formation in jurisdictions of: Hong Kong, UAE, Singapore, Seychelles, Gibraltar, Belize, BVI etc.

Offshore company has the capacity and privileges of a natural person.

Regulations have been framed to deliver the convenience and efficiency of global offshore locations while maintaining a high repute with international financial authorities.

Advantages of a Offshore Company

  •                 No Minimum Capital Requirement
  •                 90%-100% Tax/Duty Exemption
  •                 100% Foreign Ownership Permitted
  •                 Offshore Bank Account
  •                 Anonymity
  •                 No Accounting or Reporting Requirements (no fees for accountants)
  •                 No Auditing
  •                 No Requirement to Deposit the Capital in the Bank
  •                 Nominee Services through Lawyers
  •                 Privacy Protection


Our company offers you onshore company formation in such Jurisdictions as:

USA, European Union, Russia, China, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Australia, Kazakhstan, etc.